HITS Staff Resources

During this time of transition, we will be using this space to share internal resources and information with all HITS team members. If there is information you would like added, let us know at HITS-Communications@med.umich.edu.

HITS Staff Announcements
Brief notices regarding IT projects, events, staffing updates, career development opportunities, and more. This is the archive of the Weekly Announcements email that is sent to all HITS staff.

HITS Branding Guidelines & Resources
Information about the Michigan Medicine re-branding, tips for representing our new organization, and associated resources.

HITS E-mail Groups
The Unity Team is collaborating with HITS Identity and Access Management Services (IAM) to overhaul our existing e-mail group structures to reorganize legacy MCIT and MSIS lists under the HITS umbrella.

HITS Shortcut URLs
Here are a series of short, easy-to-remember URLs to make some of our more popular resources easier to find.

HITS Organizational & Professional Development Opportunities
A key part of our HITS Vision focuses on "Personal Growth and Opportunity." To that end, are working to identify and offer access to a variety of resources to help individuals and teams continue growing, learning, and improving in practical, tangible ways. Look here for more information and links to resources.

HITS Staff Building Access Information
Instructions for team-member access to HITS spaces in various buildings.

HITS Policies & Standards
A new website is being developed to become the home for all documentation related to HITS policies, standards, standard operating procedures, and guidelines. Until the new site is developed and launched, this information can be found here.

Help and Assistance
Some resources related to professional and personal support you may find useful.